Diastasis Recti

Help with Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor

Are you suffering from women’s health problems such as pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, or a rounded tummy even though you gave birth a while ago? There are exercises and plenty of lifestyle changes which have helped hundreds of women just like you to improve their symptoms.

At More Than Movement we specialise in helping women with these problems, through correct exercises, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes.  Some women have even avoided surgery thanks to our help.

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For best results with these issues we recommend working one-on-one with your women’s fitness specialist, Laura Holland. She will be able to assess you properly and give you exercises, nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations based on your needs, and check your progress.

Private sessions come in a package of ten, or you can book a consultation separately. Join Laura online via Zoom or Skype, or in-person in Gozo, Malta. You can work with Laura in your own home, or at the gym. Alternatively you can join Laura’s group postnatal course which is ideal for those with diastasis or pelvic floor weakness.

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What our members say...

"Stop suffering in silence"

I had a difficult pregnancy as I developed symphysis pubis dysfunction, which severely affected my mobility. After a C-Section I had carpal tunnel on both wrists, severe diastasis recti, and a weakened pelvic floor. Finally someone told me about Laura. At last, here was someone who was very knowledgeable about my condition and knew exactly what needed to be done. I cannot begin to describe the positive results. Any mummy out there, stop suffering in silence!

Jeannette Goudar

Catherine Prior

"Big improvement"

After having my second baby, my pelvic floor was really weak especially when I tried to exercise. I saw a woman's health physiotherapist who gave me some basic pelvic floor exercises. I contacted Laura because she has the expertise and understands what a woman's body has been through. I have been training with her over Skype for the past few months and I have seen a big improvement in my pelvic floor and I've dropped a dress-size. I would highly recommend her!

Catherine Prior

Christine Axiak

"It's never too late"

I have a three-year-old and after having a C-Section, my tummy never came back to its original size and structure. After doing some sit-ups at home and seeing no effect at all, I met Laura and that should have been my decision from the start. I became aware that I have abdominal separation. The sessions are specifically adapted and help my tummy and posture. I noticed a huge improvement from day one. I feel very satisfied! It’s never too late to make yourself look and feel good.

Christine Axiak


Consultation€50 / £50
Personal training packages
First package: 10 x 1 hour sessions, including the one-hour consultation session€350 / £350
This can be paid in two instalments of €175/£175.
Second or further personal training packages of ten sessions€300 / £300.
This can be paid in two instalments of €150 / £150.
Personal training package prices are discounted if you are joined by a friend or two. Packages can vary in price if you want us to come out to you. First package: For two: €200 per person. For three: €170.
Second or further packages:
For two: €170 per person For three: €150 per person
Fitbabamamas group course€99