Christine Gatt

Highly recommend!

Throughout my entire pregnancy I attended weekly sessions with Laura, not only were they fun but I could keep my healthy lifestyle. With all her useful tips, guidance and professionalism I exercised safely making my nine months a happy life period where I actually felt good about myself throughout! Highly recommend and obviously super looking forward to my post-natal course now!

Christine Gatt, Laboratory Scientist.

Linda O' Riain

I'm totally addicted

I can honestly say that I have signed up to so many fitness programmes and I have stuck to none of them, until Laura came into my life. Now I am totally addicted to a new way of eating and working out. Laura provides the full package, she motivates, challenges, encourages, supports and most importantly inspires you to keep going even when it is hard. Laura will definitely help you on your journey.

Linda O'Riain, Teacher.

Heidi Fenech


Can’t say enough how excellent Laura’s training is, after having a car accident and having both legs broken, not using my legs for four months made them so weak. Training with Laura is just what I needed to rebuild strength and get my confidence back and get a whole body workout. And get my energy back…Thank you Laura!

Heidi Fenech, Hairdresser and Salon Owner.

Super amazing!

A highly recommended personal trainer who makes you feel comfortable and also makes each workout truly enjoyable. Laura is very knowledgable, passionate and strives to help you achieve your goals. Thank you for being super amazing!

Jolene Bugeja, Real Estate Agent

Varied and Challenging

I was lucky to meet my personal trainer Laura. I look forward and love my sessions – they are varied and challenging so I don’t get bored. In the cooler months we enjoy sessions outside with beautiful views of the sea. I also enjoy the knowledge on nutrition Laura is so willing to share. I now have the confidence to wear shorts after 25 years. I would highly recommend Laura without hesitation.

Sharon Wilkinson

Sharona Hili

Very motivating

Laura carries a world of information under her belt, not only about questions related to pregnancy fitness but also nutrition, post-natal health, breastfeeding and more. I found her lessons very motivating and tailored to suit my personal needs and that is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all expectant mums out there!

Sharona Hili, Teacher.

Dr Nadine Stivala

Outstanding service

Being pregnant for the first time, I was very cautious as to what exercise I could and could not do, however I was also very aware that keeping fit would certainly be beneficial for me and most importantly my baby. Not only did I feel comfortable and motivated to exercise, but I also was provided with a fountain of information which I was very grateful for.

Laura knows just the right amount of motivational pushing that is required in order to obtain safe results but not to an extreme. It is just the perfect balance of a variety of different exercises for when you are in a vulnerable spot but still wanting to keep fit and healthy. To top it all off, Laura is always professional, ready to help with a big smile and genuine encouragement. Outstanding service – thank you Laura!

Dr Nadine Stivala, Lawyer.

Solfit Sisters Personal Training

Very professional

Laura is very professional and knowledgeable , I enjoy her PT sessions either at the gym or outside for some fresh air and lovely views of the island. I love that she is so passionate about what she does!

Amy Stuart-Hill, Visual Merchandiser.

Sabrina Xuereb

I feel beautiful!

One of the best and most important commitments ever. These are not just classes, they are lifetime investments, plus your body looks and feels beautiful! Work it, don’t wish it girls. Already looking forward to next week!

Sabrina Xuereb, Social Welfare Officer

Tina Karageorghis-Howell

Amazing results

I never put my issue with bloating down to diastasis recti. I am a regular gym go-er, I was really pleased with the definition on my arms but no matter what I did I couldn’t get my stomach to go down. In the evening it would stick out making me look 6 months pregnant. I tried cutting out gluten and dairy but it didn’t work.

I tried ab exercises but again nothing seemed to work. I even had blood tests and ultrasounds to see if that would show any reason why. I was even going to pay out for a £300 test which would test for bacteria in the gut and see what foods were aggravating me. Laura took one look at me and suggested it could be diastasis recti where my muscles hadn’t come back together after giving birth.

She confirmed I had a 2 1/2 Cm gap. She also noticed my stomach doming when I did crunches. She gave me breathing exercises to do focus on strengthening my TVA and pelvic floor. They were so simple I didn’t think they would work. She also told me which exercises I should cut out of my programme and recommended some dietary changes. The results in just two weeks have been amazing! Thank you so much Laura!

Tina Karageorghis Howell, Information Analyst.

Doreen Galea

Improved diastasis

Laura’s class is exactly what I was looking for, an intense workout with low impact exercises and core exercises for diastasis recti. I have been going for two years now and I look forward to it every week. Thanks to Laura’s advice and motivation, I have improved my diastasis (abdominal separation) and become much more physically fit.

Doreen Galea

Diana V

Excellent trainer!

Laura is an excellent trainer! She gives me the right exercises for my level and makes sure I do them correctly. Very important after pregnancy and to be honest very important for everyone! It’s great to have somebody who pushes me enough to become stronger.

Diana Vanstipelen, Real Estate Broker.


I lost 18kg!

I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Laura for what she has helped me to achieve. Not only with weight loss (18kg), but also on the inside. My asthma has greatly improved, I am using my inhalers a lot less. I have PCOS and the improvements achieved here are truly life-changing; my cysts have reduced in size, my periods are less painful and the reduction of weight in the area has taken the pressure off my organs so they are working better. I never thought this would be me – enjoying exercise and being healthy, but thanks to Laura’s support, guidance and motivation this is now me. I love our PT sessions and the classes.

Michelle Camilleri, Store Manager.

Tania Sanz

Best investment I made in pregnancy

I can usually do my own exercise without any problem. When I realised I was pregnant, I thought I could do almost the same exercises I did before (with some kind of simple changes), but thank God Laura convinced me to join her group pregnancy sessions. I learned a lot about my breathing, my posture, the pelvic floor, the movements I should avoid and, of course, how to stay fit (safely for myself and the baby). It was the best investment I made during my pregnancy journey.

Tania Sanz, Lifestyle Blogger.

Christine Axiak

Huge improvement from day one

After doing some sit-ups at home and seeing no effect, even three years after I gave birth, I met Laura and that should have been my decision from the very start. I noticed a huge improvement from day one. It’s never too late to make yourself feel and look good.

Christine Axiak, Accountant

Julia Mercierca


Perfect gentle exercises with a very calm and professional trainer. I feel very well and in good hands with Laura! I always looked forward to the next session. The moves while exercising are good for the muscles, pelvic floor, back – I’m feeling more motivated and stronger after! Thanks a lot for the passion and motivation what you put in me – I love it!

Julia Mercieca, Clerk.

Veronica Buttigieg

Truly cares

Having Laura was imperative pre and postpartum. She kept me and my core fit and strong throughout my pregnancy. Postpartum she has helped me get back into shape and repair my diastasis recti. Not only is Laura an experienced and qualified trainer, but she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing.

Veronica Buttigieg

Samantha Jayne

Excellent, fully recommend

I started training with Laura to help with my overall fitness levels and for the London Marathon – it has been excellent. I love the intensity of the work that we do, how adaptable Laura is to injuries, the diversity and range of exercises we do and the enthusiasm that comes with it each week. I would fully recommended Laura to anyone that has an interest in their overall health and getting fit. I am about to move house but will definitely be doing all I can to travel back for weekly sessions!

Samantha Jayne, Designer.

Jen Lees

Very motivating

I had never thought about working with a PT before but did my research and liked Laura’s holistic approach and reasonable fees. I was not fit and tired all the time and seeing the difference in my stamina and energy levels in just eight weeks has been very motivating. Laura’s professional and kind approach helped me to focus and push myself to get fitter and work harder. I would definitely recommend making the move to work with her and make those changes.

Jen Lees, Careers Adviser.

Catherine Prior

Dropped a dress size and strengthened my pelvic floor

After having my second baby, my pelvic floor was really weak especially when I tried to exercise. I saw a woman’s health physiotherapist who gave me some basic pelvic floor exercises. I contacted Laura because she has the expertise and understands what a woman’s body has been through. I have been training with her over Skype for the past few months and I have seen a big improvement in my pelvic floor and I’ve dropped a dress-size. I would highly recommend her!

Catherine Prior, Speech Therapist.

Your body will thank you for it

I had a difficult pregnancy as I developed symphisis pubis dysfunction, a condition which severely restricted my mobility for several months. After giving birth through a C-Section, no one prepared me about the physical toll that the condition would have on my body. I ended up with plantar fascitis in both feet, carpal tunnel issues on both wrists, a rather severe diastasis recti, a weakened pelvic floor, and general weakness, aches and pains all over my body.

I had no idea what to do about it and I suffered for months. It was hard even to hold the baby, or do simple things like unscrewing a bottle or put on my shoes. Finally somebody told me about Laura. At last, here was someone who was very knowledgeable about my condition and knew exactly what needed to be done. I started twice weekly 1 to 1 exercise sessions. Since then, I cannot begin to describe the positive results. My stiffness and pain issues have vastly improved, I no longer wake up in the morning feeling the Tin Man. Furthermore, I am sleeping better as well as feeling more energised (previously I was always tired and my mind foggy). In addition I do feel stronger in general, and people have started commenting that I am looking better.

Laura has been very patient with me, and always manages to accommodate me, as well as changing sessions as needed whenever I have any pain issues etc. I enjoy her sessions immensely and I especially like it when we do sessions outside when the weather permits. I cannot recommend her enough. Any new mummy out there, don’t hesitate and get in touch with Laura ! Your body will thank you for it – stop suffering in silence.

Jeannette Azzopardi Gouder, Occupational Therapist.

Natasha Rapa

A quality workout

I would highly recommend Laura’s class as it provides a quality whole body workout and targets all main “problem zones”. Also, Laura’s motivational skills are a big bonus. I always feel great after the class and I always look forward to the next one. Well worth your time and money”

Natasha Rapa

Janina Gatt

Ideal for busy women

After having two babies Laura’s sessions don’t only keep me fit and healthy, they also give me time for myself without having to think of anything for at least an hour I enjoyed the private sessions where Laura taught me exercises which are specifically important for me. Now I very much enjoy doing those exercises in a group of woman, all different age but with the same motivation I believe the concept that Laura developed is ideal for anyone who has a busy life but wants to add some time for fitness to it. Thank you, Laura!

Janina Gatt

Christiana Bajada

My fitness and core has improved

I started my sessions with Laura with the aim to get back into fitness while doing something that is fun, short and harmless. Before I was pregnant I was very active and fit so I wanted to feel fit and get a toned body. What I have liked from Laura was that it always emphasis on the technique which helps me to put my mind at rest. In every session she always makes it fun but yet challenging. Also she have given me some sessions to do alone. These were easy to fit in my schedule as these sessions are short while effective. Choosing to work with Laura helps me get the goals. I feel that my fitness and core has improved!

Christiana Bajada, Teacher.