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Solfit Bumps Prenatal Fitness

Do you want to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy safely? Do you want to feel more prepared for birth, boost your recovery afterwards and learn how to deal with common prenatal conditions?

It is essential that you adapt your exercises during this special time and work with a specialist in prenatal fitness, who can help you with all of this.

Laura Holland has advanced qualifications in pre and postnatal exercise and as a mum herself she understands all of the emotions you are going through. You can join Laura online or in Gozo, Malta, for her invigorating private or group sessions, including private groups with your own friends.

What our clients say...

Christine Gatt

"Highly recommend"

Throughout my pregnancy I attended sessions with Laura, not only were they fun but I could keep my healthy lifestyle. With her guidance and professionalism I exercised safely making my 9 months a happy period where I actually felt good about myself! Highly recommend, looking forward to my postnatal course!

Christine Gatt

Julia Mercierca

"I love it"

Perfect gentle exercises with a very calm and professional trainer. I feel very well and in good hands with Laura! I always look forward to the next session. The moves are good for the muscles, pelvic floor, back. I’m feeling more motivated and stronger. Thanks a lot for the passion and motivation- I love it!

Julia Mercierca

Sharona Hili

"Very motivating"

Laura carries a world of information under her belt, not only on pregnancy fitness but also nutrition, postnatal health, breastfeeding and more. I found her lessons very motivating and tailored to suit my needs and that is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all expectant mums out there!

Sharona Hili

Exercise during pregnancy is recommended by doctors and can:

  • Help you and your baby maintain a healthy weight to prepare you better for birth
  • Help you manage common pregnancy-related conditions such as swelling, back pain, prolapse, incontinence, and diastasis recti (abdominal separation, also known as the tummy gap)
  • Teach you gentle core exercises to keep your tummy muscles strong
  • Prepare for your postnatal recovery, including which foods to eat to help your body heal from childbirth.

When can I join during my pregnancy?

  • When your medical professional has confirmed that your pregnancy is progressing well and there are no complications which would prevent you from exercising
  • You can also join at the later stages of pregnancy and exercise right up until your birth date if you wish, as long as your doctor or midwife has given you permission to exercise
  • All exercises are tailored for pregnancy, but as each woman is different, Laura will take into account your previous activity levels and exercise when developing your program.

Solfit Bumps Personal Training

Join Laura 1:1 or with up to two friends online, or in Gozo, Malta. Sessions are in a 10-session package and include nutrition and wellbeing advice.

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Solfit Bumps Group Class

Beauty Bumps Group Course

Our group prenatal courses are a fun way to stay fit and meet other women. Join Laura’s next course in Gozo, starting on February 13th 2024.

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Bump to Baba Body Guide

Bump to Baba Body Guide

This enlightening video series will teach you techniques and exercises to help your body before and after birth.

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Beauty Bumps group pregnancy course€99
Solfit Bumps personal training packages:
First package: 10 x 1 hour sessions, including your private one-hour What About Mama consultation session €350/ £350 per person
This can be paid in two instalments of €175/£175.
Second or further personal training packages of ten sessions€300 / £300 per person
This can be paid in two instalments of €150 / £150
Personal training package prices are discounted if you are joined by one or two friends.First package: For two: €200 per person. For three: €170.
Second or further packages:
For two: €170 per person For three: €150 per person
The Bump to Baba Body Guide€9.99
Dr Nadine Stivala

"Outstanding service"

The perfect balance of a variety of different exercises for when you are in a vulnerable spot but still wanting to keep fit and healthy. To top it all off, Laura is always professional, ready to help with a big smile and genuine encouragement. Outstanding service – thank you Laura!

Dr Nadine Stivala

Tania Sanz

"Best investment"

I thought I could do almost the same exercises I did before, but then Laura convinced me to join her sessions. I learned a lot about breathing, posture, pelvic floor, movements I should avoid, and how to stay fit safely for myself and baby. It was the best investment I made during my pregnancy journey.

Tania Sanz

Veronica Buttigieg

"Kept me fit and strong"

Having Laura was imperative pre and postpartum. She kept me and my core fit and strong throughout my pregnancy. Postpartum she has helped me get back into shape and repair my diastasis recti. Not only is Laura an experienced and qualified trainer, but she truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing.

Veronica Buttigieg